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How will you use it?

Here are some examples of custom workspaces

Media/Marketing Agency

John is running a busy agency from top to bottom using Whatevr. John has a workspace dedicated to his agency, which has workflows to manage his employees, invoices, leads, funnels and agency social media.

John links his main projects and deploys his teams into workspaces he has created for each client. His clients workspaces contain all the websites, sub projects, content and automations relevant to that client.

Media/Marketing Agency

John is running a busy agency from top to bottom using Whatevr. John has a workspace dedicated to his agency, which has workflows to manage his employees, invoices, leads, funnels and agency social media.

John links his main projects and deploys his teams into workspaces he has created for each client. His clients workspaces contain all the websites, sub projects, content and automations relevant to that client.

Creative Designer

Dave is a creative designer looking to expand his opportunities. He uses a single workspace with multiple workflows which allow him to jump between different asset creation pipelines.

He uses tools like the designer, branding kits, and mockups with AI tools to generate content which he can promote and sell inside and outside of the platform.

Content Marketer

Sally is a self-employed content marketer who uses the designer, video editor and AI tools to speed up her content creation so she can focus on social scheduling and delivering results for her clients.

She has a workspace set up for each client, which she pushes content into and schedules each clients social posts, keeping everything separate and organised.

Energy Company

Mark manages a small team within the company he works for. His company uses Whatevr for the majority of its needs. Mark has his own team workspace within Whatevr linked to his company, which gives him a place to communicate and collaborate with his team, while still being connect to his company.

Mark uses chat, projects, maps and documents to seamlessly manage, work and plan with his team while maintaining a quick QA process that utilises AI automations to check and schedule changes and processes.


Sue is a writer who podcasts her experience trying to get a bestseller. Sue uses a workspace for her podcast, where she can write scripts for each episode, and uses content creation tools and the podcast app to create and distribute her podcasts quickly and easily.

She has a separate workspace for her book - this is where she has notes, documents, character bios and story arcs She can use these resources within the publication app while writing which help her plan and manage her epic story.


Jess' school uses Whatevr to teach students a variety of skills and technology use cases. She gets assignments through the platform and can complete her homework by using the variety of apps and tools available.

Her teachers use Whatevr to manage students progress and marking, create learning material and develop courses and lessons for a wide range of use cases.


What will you do?

Spark your imagination with some of whats possible

Create, Plan & Schedule Social Posts

Campaigns, Designs, Video Editor, Calendars

Design for Print & Web

Designs, AI Gen, Stock

Build a Website from Scratch or with Templates

Sites, Forms, Designer, Prototype, Templates


Fully collaborative

Cloud-based apps that integrate and connect


Manage workflows with sub projects, custom columns, multiple views and automation


Work collaboratively on documents and spreadsheets with versioning and revisions


Create and publish books, digital magazines, eBooks, posters and interactive PDFs


Use moodboards and UI/UX tools to envision your next goal


Easily create, use and export stunning designs for web, social and print


Create intros, vlogs, adverts, lessons and social posts


Create and publish podcasts to multiple platforms


Create, edit and use 3D models & CAD


Use industry standard script editors & storyboard creators


Quickly build websites & landing pages from scratch or using templates


Everything you need to create and run a successful e-commerce business


Manage complex product inventory and stock, and create feeds for popular marketplaces


Manage and segment your leads and customers, with unlimited custom columns


Turn your leads into sales with custom pipelines


Make the most of every lead with automated sales and contact processing


Schedule social media posts, blogs, content delivery and send stunning emails


Stay on track with expenses & invoicing. Integrated into projects, eCommerce and more


Create custom dashboards to get the data you need at a glance from every part of the platform


Single, group and channel based chat. Focus on topics, posts and threads for every workspace and purpose


Integrated cloud based file systems to store, manage and share your content and assets


Unveiling Simplicity, Unleashing Power

Uncomplicate your workflow and streamline your day to day

Share your Workspaces

Collaborative work environments make for an interactive work experience


Connect with colleagues and professionals to form teams that get things done

Unified Framework

Simple to understand & consistent experience - learn once and understand 40+ apps & tools


All your workflows, projects, teams, data and integrations in one place


Intuitive, Simple & Powerful

Integrated seamlessly into all apps, or used standalone


Add effects and edit & clip with powerful web-based audio tools


Create clips and variations from long form video ready for production

3D Render

Create the perfect product shot, 360 views, animations or the perfect 3D print

3D Scanner

Turn your real life products and objects into 3D objects for use in designs, web and ecommerce

Image Editor

Crop, manipulate & add filters to your images. Save and use edited variations across the platform

AI Copy Writer

AI powered copy creation for blogs, posts or any other purpose

AI Image Generator

AI powered image generation that saves you time searching for the perfect stock image

AI Image Editor

Extend, replace and in-paint images using powerful AI

AI Assistant

AI powered assistance at your fingertips, providing help with anything you need


Manage multiple brand profiles with typography, colours and styling and apply them across the platform

Colour Generator

Create amazing colour pallettes to use across the platform and keep consistent design


Simplistic and effective note taking and organisation


Collate custom events and dates from every part of the platform, see and manage your daily schedule

Text to Speech

Convert text or scripts into natural sounding language for audio books, voice overs, videos and more

Image to Vector

Convert images and logos to vector format, ready for editing and printing

SVG Editor

Fully featured SVG editor, all within the platform

Image to Motion

Bring images alive with automated, AI powered effects


Use AI to translate with high levels of accuracy


Integral Features for an Amazing Experience

Take your workflows to the next level


Clean, intuitive and consistent framework for all parts of the platform


Use AI to bootstrap content or help you create, and AI agents to automate and accomplish tasks


Utilise workspaces, workflows, workrooms, bookmarks and pinning for the ultimate organisation


Automate everything within the platform from custom notifications to QA & publishing


Use a combo of apps and tools split in one screen to multi task and accelerate your workflow


Build, manage and deploy teams on the fly to accomplish goals fast


Granular permissions starting with least privilege gives you peace of mind about your content


Work together in realtime with every app and tool


Built-in networking - connect with colleagues, teams & other users. Find work or workers, all within the platform


Bootstrap your next goal with quick and seamless multi-content setup


Full revision system across every app & tool, allowing you to rollback, diverge and variate your content


Free, quality & growing

Save time with the perfect start


4 million+ high quality stock images


Thousands of icons in multiple styles


1400+ fonts to fit any design


For every app, to full workspace templates

3D Models

Ready to use, optimised 3D models


1 million+ HD+ videos ready to import and use

Music & SFX

Preview, cut and drop in the perfect audio


1 million+ vectors & illustrations


Fully Documented

View our Documentation for a full overview of the platform


Cross Platform

Continue your workflow from phone to desktop


Full API & Zapier

Integrate into your workflow or use our standalone APIs

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